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The Mudjacking Process

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The first step to mudjacking is to drill through the concrete in a strategically placed pattern in which the holes are usually somewhere between two to four feet apart, depending on the individual slab or slabs. Our holes are one and three-eighths inches in diameter.

Then our "mud" (see Materials section below) is hydraulically pumped through the holes, filling voids and raising the concrete once they are filled. By changing the amount of mud pumped into different holes, we can achieve the desired grade. When the raising is completed, the holes are thoroughly cleaned and filled with new concrete.

Advantages of Mudjacking

  • If correctly done, mudjacking is a permanent solution to settled concrete.
  • Depending on the situation, mudjacking is approximately one third the cost of replacement, depending on the type of concrete being raised. (i.e. The cost to mudjack two garage approach slabs and two front walk slabs at the front stoop would be around $600.)
  • The job site is left as clean as when we came.
  • Grass, flowers, shrubs, etc. are virtually undisturbed by the process.
  • The concrete can be used immediately after completion. The only exception would be for concrete that is exposed to vehicle traffic. For these slabs, the waiting period is about 24 hours.
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The "mud" mentioned earlier is a mixture of dirt, water, and portland cement. The dirt is processed by Del Sievert Trucking Inc. and consists of 60 percent clay, 20 percent sand, and 20 percent lime. To every yard of this, we add three 94-pound bags of the portland cement and water. We call this a three-bag mix. It contains approximately half of the portland cement as for new concrete.
  • The cement and the water are added on the job to obtain the desired slump (density).

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